Oil Lubrication System

Motor Gear Pump with Intermittent Discharge Type SOP-4L

This product is a light and compact pump unit with no control device.
An oil level switch and a pressure switch are built in fundamentally.

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 Use Directions
ㆍThis pump unit does not need any separate control circuit.

ㆍDO NOT remove the oil strainer. Otherwise, impurities can go in.

ㆍThe suction filter needs to be changed or washed once a year.

ㆍOil viscosity can change with a temperature in summer and winter. Carefully keep the available range of oil viscosity.

ㆍDO NOT use oil with special additive, soluble oil, and solvents.

ㆍRegularly check if the current oil has any impurities. If any impurities are found, immediately wash the inside of the tank and replace it with new oil.

ㆍBe careful of voltage (110V, 220V).


 External dimensions


Discharge flow 90ml/min(50Hz) 120ml/min(60Hz)
Discharge pressure 1.5MPa(valve adjustment pressure)
Size SOP-1-4L, SOP-2-4L
Voltage/Current AC100V ø1/1.9A(50Hz) AC200V ø1/0.9A(50Hz)
Output Power 18W(50Hz) 16W(50Hz)
Abnormality check Oil surface, Pressure
Oil level switch Contact type: arbeit contact (NO), ON in the low level of oil surface, Contact rating:0.5A, AC DC200V/300W (smaller one)
Pressure switch Contact type: arbeit contact (NO), Operating pressure: 1.3MPa ON, Return pressure: 0.9MPa OFF, Contact rating: AC DC250V/2A
Pump running time Over 3 minutes of shortest break time within one minute of longest discharge time
Available viscosity range 50~1300㎟/s(50Hz)
Available capacity of tank 4L(resin)
External fuse 200V/1.0A