Oil Lubrication System

Manual High-pressure Piston Pump with Intermittent Discharge Type

This pump is applied to a machine that needs multiple times of oil supply daily. It is unified together with TANK.

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 Use directions
ㆍOil viscosity can change with a temperature in summer and winter. Carefully keep the available range of oil viscosity.

ㆍDO NOT use oil with special additive, soluble oil, and solvents.

ㆍRegularly check if the current oil has any impurities. If any impurities are found, immediately wash the inside of the tank and replace it with new oil.

ㆍThe total discharge amount of the valve in use is within 5mℓ.


 External dimensions


Discharge flow 7ml/STROKE
Discharge pressure 3.5MPa(safety plate SET-UP)
Available viscosity range 65~1300㎟/s
Tank capacity 400ml
Weight 1.5kg
Others Built-in relief valve