Grease Lubrication System

Motor Grease Pump for Relief  SGP-100-7

This product is a motor grease pump for cartridge

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 Use Directions
ㆍUse only the grease specified.

ㆍBe careful not to get impurities in when the cartridge is replaced.

ㆍDO NOT run over 7 minutes continuously.

ㆍAfter the cartridge grease runs out, do not refill the same pack with grease. Air inflow can cause no pressure occurrence and can lead to pump failure.

ㆍAfter the cartridge is replaced, make sure to open the air release valve to remove air.

※ If there is a problem with the pump, do not disassemble it but contact a technical service firm.


 External dimensions


Discharge volume 10㎖/min
Discharge pressure 10MPa
Voltage/Current DC24v
Max running time 7 minutes and less
Available viscosity range Cartridge grease NO.000,00,0,1
Available grease LS, WS, DS
Cartridge capacity 700㎖
Weight 1.8kg
Relief device Built-in relief solenoid valve